Swiss Robotics Day 2022

The Swiss Robotics Days 2022 took place over two days on November 4 & 5 at the Beaulieu Convention Center, in Lausanne, Switzerland.


09:15 Welcome address
– Jan Hesthaven, EPFL Vice-President for Academic Affairs
– Dario Floreano, Director of LIS lab EPFL and NCCR Robotics
09:30 The view from inside a disaster zone: Lessons learned from the Surfside, Florida, Collapse
– Robin Murphy, Texas A&M University
09:55 Amphibious robots for studying animal locomotion and for helping in search-and-rescue missions
– Auke Ijspeert, Biorobotics lab, EPFL
10:20 How physical rehabilitation exoskeletons can influence a child’s personal development
– Elena García Armada, Centre for Automation and Robotics – UPM and CEO of Marsi Bionics
10:45 From autonomous mobile robots to self-flying drones: A revolution in the warehouse
– Raffaello D’Andrea, ETHZ, Verity, Co-Founder of KIVA systems
11:10 Robotics for the Post of tomorrow – foresights, opportunities and challenges
– Thierry Golliard, Director of Open Innovation and Venturing of Swiss Post
11:35 From lab to market – the story of Flyability
– Adrien Briod, Flyabilty
12:00 The Innovation Booster Robotics – the central networking hub for the Swiss industry, academia and societal actors in robotics
– Aude Billard, LASA lab EPFL, Lead of Innovation Booster Robotics, President Elect of IEEE
16:00 Robotics Infrastructures
– Davide Scaramuzza: the flying arena in Dübendorf
– Stéphanie Lacour: the EPFL Neuro-X Institute
– Mirko Kovac: the NEST drone infrastructure for building construction
– Jan Kerschgens: the EPFL Center for Intelligent Systems
– Cesar Cadena: the RobotX Center
– Moderation: Tristan Piguet, NCCR Robotics
16:30 Roundtable: Robots in the workplace: How automation is changing the industry and society
– Dario Floreano, NCCR Robotics
– Raphael Lalive, UNIL
– Alisa Rupenyan-Vasileva, ETHZ
– Agnès Petit Markowski, MOBBOT
– Pierre Dillenbourg, EPFL
– Moderation: Nicola Nosengo, NCCR Robotics
17:15 NCCR Robotics Awards Ceremony & Closing remarks
17:30 Aperitif



12:30 Industrial demonstrators
– Human-Robot collaboration for Logistics – Alessandro Giusti
– DynaArm – A powerful yet lightweight arm for mobile platforms – Eris Dhionis Sako
– Elythor: Solutions for inspecting and monitoring linear infrastructure – Harry Vourtsis
– Ascento: simple, fast and versatile mobile robot for security applications – Alessandro Morra
– Thymio 3 – A new step towards digital literacy – Fanny Riedo
– Variable Stiffness SEA-Scope for Safer Robotic Neurosurgery – Lorin Fasel
– mEDFLOW: miniatured Event-Driven Optical FLOW camera – Min Liu
– Versatile, affordable, and easy-to-use robotic grippers – Stefan Weirich
– Tethered robots for cultivation of steep & terraced vineyards – Max Polzin

Start-Up / Scale-Up Carousel
Sponsored by maxon

Innovaud (Jean-Michel Stauffer, Innovation advisor for Innovaud)
Dronistics (Przemyslaw Kornatowski)
Akina Health (Florian Haufe)
Sevensense (Renaud Dube): Building the eyes and brains for mobile robots
Floating Robotics (Salma Faraji): We give a hand to farmers
TWIICE (Tristan Vouga): Access to life
MyoSwiss (Jaime Duarte): Wearable technology to support and augment human movement
BlueBotics SA (Nicola Tomatis): Your vehicle navigation partner
AICA (Baptiste Busch): Accessible Robotics. For everyone.
Isochronic (Melvin Haas): Introducing Simultaneous Robotics – The Isochronic Pick&Place robot kinematic
Hydromea (Alexander Bahr): Taking drones underwater
Cyberbotics (Olivier Michel): Robot simulations for R&D, training and education
Raptor (Marc Blöchlinger): Aerial grasping and manipulation
Autonomyo (Amalric Ortlieb): The future of rehabilitation
Distalmotion (Nicolas Boch): On demand robotic surgery with Dexter
Ago Solutions (Fiorenzo Artoni)

13:00 Mentoring session
– Simone Schürle-Finke
– Laura Marchal-Crespo
– Maja Hadziselimovic
– Moderation: Auke Ijspeert (EPFL) & Manasi Muglikar (UZH)

Innovation Booster Meet & Greet (1)
Theme: Healthcare/Medical Robotics



Innovation Booster Meet & Greet (2)
Theme: Novel control algorithm and intelligence for new robotic applications


15:00 Innovation Booster Meet & Greet (3)
Theme: New sensing and actuation for robotics




Standing lunch
13:00 B2Match networking begins
Meeting point for the scheduled meetings in the Faulhaber Networking Area
15:45 Cod.Act – Machines sonores
André & Michel Décosterd

iMake-IT Workshops
Part 1

iMake-IT Workshops
Part 2

Flying Arena 1

13:30 Flyability
14:00 Robotics and Perception Group
15:00 Elythor
15:30 Flyability
16:00 Dronistics


Flying Arena 2

14:00 Sensors Research Group f1tenth car
15:00 Autonomous Systems Lab

12:30 – 17:00 – Exhibition area and demos

List of exhibitors

NCCR Robotics Labs

  • ASL – Autonomous Systems Lab, ETH Zurich
  • BIROMED – Bio-Inspired Robots for Medicine Lab, University of Basel
  • BIOROB – Biorobotics Lab, EPFL
  • CHILI – Computer-Human Interaction in Learning and Instruction Lab, EPFL
  • CREATE – Computational Robot Design & Fabrication Lab, EPFL
  • CRL – Computational Robotics Lab, ETHZ
  • EMPA – Materials and Technology Center of Robotics 
  • G-Lab, EPFL
  • IDSIA Robotics Lab, SUPSI
  • LASA – Learning Algorithms and Systems Lab, EPFL
  • LIS – Laboratory of Intelligent Systems, EPFL
  • LNCO – Laboratory of Cognitve Neuroscience, EPFL
  • LSBI – Laboratory for Soft Bioelectronic Interfaces, EPFL
  • MICROBS – Microbiorobotic Systems Laboratory, EPFL
  • MLN – Motor Learning and Neurorehabilitation Lab, University of Bern
  • MOBOTS – Miniature Mobile Robots Group, EPFL
  • NeuroEng – Neuroengineering Lab, ETH Zurich
  • RELab – Rehabilitation Engineering Lab, ETH Zurich
  • RPG – Robotics and Perception Group, University of Zurich / ETH Zurich
  • RRL – Reconfigurable Robotics Lab, EPFL
  • RSL – Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich
  • SRG – Sensors Research Group, ETH Zurich / University of Zurich
  • SMS – Sensory-Motor Systems Lab, ETH Zurich
  • SRL – Soft Robotics Lab, ETH Zurich
  • TNE – Translational Neural Engineering Lab, EPFL
  • V4RL – Vision for Robotics Lab, ETH Zurich

    NCCR Robotics Spin-Offs

    • Ago Neurotechnologies
    • Akina
    • Bota Systems AG
    • Dronistics
    • Flyability
    • MyoSwiss
    • Sevensense Robotics
    • SUIND
    • TWIICE

    Swiss Robotics companies

    • AICA Sarl
    • Ascento
    • Auterion
    • Autonomyo
    • Auxivo
    • Biped
    • BlueBotics SA
    • Elythor
    • Faulhaber Minimotor SA
    • Fixposition
    • Floating Robots
    • Helbling Technik
    • Hydromea
    • iniVation
    • Isochronic
    • Kemaro
    • maxon
    • Raptor
    • Robin
    • The Swiss Drone and Robotics Centre
    • Tribecraft

      Funding & Development

      • Canton of Zurich
      • Center for Intelligent Systems, EPFL
      • CERN
      • Drone Talks
      • Education and Outreach Department, EPFL
      • EPFL Xplore
      • Euresearch
      • i-MakeIT
      • Innosuisse
      • Innovation Booster Microtech
      • Innovation Booster Robotics
      • Innovaud
      • International Telecommunication Union – UN
      • Mobsya
      • NCCR Automation
      • NCCR dFab
      • Nomadz
      • REHAssist
      • Roteco | Robotic teacher community

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