Organizing Committee

The Swiss Robotics Days was organized by NCCR Robotics until the 2022 edition. The annual ownsership is taken over by Innovation Booster Robotics. Every year, the Innovation Booster Robotics will co-organise this event with a local Swiss robotics institution and will strive for choosing a differnt location each year to promote the regional diversity of the ecosystem. 

Swiss Robotics Day 2023 Committee:

  • Prof. Aude Billard, EPFL
  • Prof. Marco Hutter, ETH Zurich
  • Prof. Georg Rauter, University of Basel 
  • Prof. Roland Siegwart, ETH Zurich


Swiss Robotics Day 2023 Management Team:

  • Anca Rusu, Project Coordinator, Innovation Booster Robotics
  • Dr. Patrick Meier, EPFL Robotics Lead/Innovation Booster Robotics
  • Dr. Cesar Cadena, ETH+ initiative RobotX 
  • Maria Trodella, ETH+ initiative RobotX