Industry Liason Programme (ILP)

Our Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) office acts as a bridge to the NCCR Robotics, enabling companies to make the most effective use of the consortium’s expertise to address current challenges, provide customized solutions and anticipate future needs. We are committed to creating, facilitating and strengthening mutually beneficial relationships between the NCCR Robotics community and the robotics industry.

NCCR Robotics ILP member companies account for approximately 50% of participants at the Swiss Robotics Day, an annual flagship event that brings together top-notch robotics researchers, innovators, investors, and corporate partners around the country. Held every year in November, the Swiss Robotics Day gives participants a well-rounded view of the robotics landscape.

With growing demands for robotics solutions and continued acceleration of advances in technology and knowledge discovery, the ILP’s mission is to create productive interactions with industry and support growth of the field. The ILP seeks to understand corporate and research aims and visions and, as a result, continually evolves to meet the interests, needs, and aspirations of both communities.