Matchmaking Activities

NTN Innovation Booster Robotics

NTN Innovation Booster Robotics aims to establish robotics as a core pillar of the Swiss economy.

The Swiss National Thematic Network (NTN) Innovation Booster Robotics is a program powered by the Swiss Innovation Agency, Innosuisse. Innovation Booster Robotics promotes knowledge transfer and encourages co-operation with partners along the entire value chain of robotics.

The Innovation Booster Robotics team will assist you with being matched with other stakeholders of the conference, so that you can forge contactsand exchange ideas. You will have an opportunity to participate in one of three matchmaking sessions. Each sessions lasts 30 minutes and you have an opportunity to rotate several times to meet new people. The goal is to make as many new contacts on a greet and meet basis.

– Healthcare/Medical Robotics
– Novel control algorithm and intelligence for new robotic applications
– New sensing and actuation for robotics

You never know whom you can meet – your future collaborator, your investor, your academic or industry partners for your projects. Come join us!

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