The following demonstrations will take place in the several booths of the exhibition area between 12:00 and 15:00

Booth Exhibitioner Title Description
1 Learning Algorithms and Systems Lab
2 Computational Robot Design & Fabrication Lab
3 Biorobotics Lab Emergence of self-organized undulatory swimming based on local force sensing Using an anguilliform swimming robot, we show that hydrodynamic feedback loops and redundancy of peripheral and central mechanisms produce robust swimming.
4 Motor Learning and Neurorehabilitation Lab Reaching in Several Realities: Immersive VR to Improve Movement Quality and Reduce Cognitive Load Compete against another player using a computer screen or VR head-mounted display to highlight the potentials of immersive VR over conventional computer screens in robotic motor training.
5 Bio-Inspired Robots for Medicine Lab

1. Instantaneous visuohaptic exploration of CT data for surgical planning

2. BRIDGET: Bridging conventional and robot-assisted arm rehabilitation

3. AI for early movement onset recognition and personalized support in robot-assisted gait rehabilitation

1. Exploring patient-specific CT data by instantaneous visuohaptic rendering will improve surgical outcomes due to personalized surgical planning, training, and device development.

2. BRIDGET is a novel approach that allows therapists to instruct the arm rehabilitation robot ARMin intuitively. The robot can learn and replicate the therapist’s way of supporting the patient from one teach trial.

3. Task specific support in robot-assisted gait rehabilitation with the FLOAT rehabilitation robot might be a key for enabling patients to train more gait-related tasks than ground level walking.

6 Laboratory of Intelligent Systems

1. Hopping with a series-parallel elastic actuation

2. How to grasp like a bird

3. Perching with a Bat-Inspired Robot

4. Flying like a Hawk

1. This demo shows the concept of a custom developed series-parallel elastic actuation through a robotic hopper.
2. We demonstrate a claw that can rapidly and passively grasp objects as a UAV flies by at high speed.



3. We are working towards designing a bat-inspired robot with morphing wings to perch passively on vertical poles through a crash-landing approach.

4. In this demo we show footage of the avian-inspired morphing drone in flight and present the drone to demonstrate its morphing capabilities.

7 IDSIA Robotics Lab Robots learning with minimal supervision We demonstrate robots that learn perception tasks in a self-supervised way, i.e. using their ability to move and experience the world to learn with minimal external supervision.
8 Robotics and Perception Group
9 Vision for Robotics Lab Path planner for autonomous exploration and 3D reconstruction using an MAV
10 Autonomous Systems Lab

1. Aerial Manipulation

2. Multi-Robot Mapping, Localization and Exploration in Challenging Environments

1. We will show our latest omni-directional micro aerial vehicle for aerial interaction.

2. Video demo of our robusts and efficient mapping and localization framework that allows multiple flying and ground robots to explore large scale challenging environments using multiple sensor modalities

11 Laboratory for Soft Bioelectronic Interfaces Stretchable electronic skin for human–robot interaction Our research focuses on developing new materials, sensing technologies, and hybrid integration with conventional circuits to achieve a stable, safe and comfortable human-robot interaction.
12 Rehabilitation Engineering Lab Usability Evaluation Toolbox for Wearable Robotic Devices The interactive Usability Evaluation Toolbox aims to simplify and streamline usability evaluation of wearable robotic devices. In addition, we will present usability evaluation protocols applied to our robotic hand orthosis.
13 Neuroengineering Lab / Rehabilitation Engineering Lab Restoring motor and SENSory functIons with a wearaBLE sensorized hand EXOskeleton (SENSIBLE-EXO) A real-time sensorized hand-exoskeleton that combines the tenoexo (RElab) and the sensory feedback based on TENS (NeuEngLab) systems. The integrated robotic system will be able to provide the user with assisted grasping force control via tenoexo and with fine grip-force feedback provided by stimulation of somatosensory nerves.
14 G-Lab Spinal cord stimulation demo We will demonstrate how spinal cord stimulation is controlled and enables restoring complex muscle activation sequences
15 ANYbotics AG Onboard Inspection robot How our robot performs during an inspection mission.
16 Robotic Systems Lab Wild ANYmal Watch our four-legged robot ANYmal overcome difficult obstacles using the power of artificial intelligence
17 Reconfigurable Robotics Lab Using breathing to control extra robotic limbs with 3-DoF soft pneumatic actuator module In this demo, a 3-DoF robotic origami module is used as a robotic third arm. We show the module reaching a target position controlled via breathing. This demonstrates how the light weight module can provide task assistance to the user.
18 Neuroengineering Lab / Sensory-Motor Systems Lab Myosuit + NeuroLegs Wearing and using a motor and sensory restoration system for partial spinal cord injury.
19 Sensors Research Group Event camera robot We will demonstrate simple event camera robot demonstrations.
20 Dronistics Safe drones for person-to-person delivery Drones and logistic software which allow to safely deliver a parcel to a doorstep or even directly to hands of recipient through a balcony/window.
21 Fotokite Fotokite Sigma Fotokite will perform a demo flight of their tethered drone Fotokite Sigma.
22 TWIICE Powered exoskeleton with pilot Our pilot will demonstrate how she uses TWIICE to walk and climb stairs independently.
23 Sevensense Robotics
24 Bota Systems AG Force Torque Sensing
26 Ago Neurotechnologies Reliable wearable for gait assessment Wearable solutions for reliable online gait assessment and gait segmentation for neuro-rehabilitation and sports applications
27 Akina Gaming for physical therapy Play your favorite video game with body movements
28 MyoSwiss The MyoSuit Wearable robot that assists the legs. Participants can try out.
29 Auxivo Auxivo Exoskeletons Auxivo exoskeletons: Wearables for industry & education
30 AUTONOMYO Rehabilitation lower exoskeleton autonomyo Walking with a lower limb exoskeleton for neuro-rehabilitation
31 Scewo Scewo BRO – the self balancing & stair climbing wheelchair Showing how our device works: climbing stairs automatically and balancing on two wheels.
32 Sensefly
33 Flybotix ASIO drone Live demo of ASIO drone, the innovative confined spaces drone.
34 Floating Robotics Automatic harvest We demonstrate a live fruit picking exercise on the table.
35 iniVation Dynamic Vision Platform A fundamentally new fusion of unique neuromorphic hardware and software, enabling new levels of performance in demanding applications.
36 AICA Sarl Artificial Intelligence for Pick&Place Intelligent Pick&Place application, for more autonomy on the production line.
37 Faulhaber
38 Omnigrasp Omnigrasp soft gripper A soft robotic gripper for the pick-and-place of delicate objects and objects with irregular shapes such as food.
39 BlueBotics SA Your Vehicle, Our Navigation See autonomous mobile robots driven by BlueBotics ANT navigation, as used by over 3,000 automated vehicles around the world.
41 EPFL Xplore Argos Rover Presentation of a Mars-like rover in action.
42 Computer-Human Interaction in Learning and Instruction Lab / Miniature Mobile Robots Group

1. Cellulans, new species emerging from the dungeons of RLC

2. Teacher-orchestrated activities in classroom with Robots

3. iReCHeck project

4. Thymio VPL3

1. Emergent behaviors are indeed a “powerful idea” that cut across disciplines and can lead to the understanding of a large class of phenomena. In our project, we are developing interactive play-based activities to engage students to learn about emergent behaviors and complexity concepts using the tangible Cellulo robotic swarm platform.

2. Managing a classroom with 20 students playing activities with 10 more robots is not a trivial task! Here, we want to make teachers’ life easier with orchestarble learning activities and orchestration tools. Come and try our new math-oriented robotic activity and see how a teacher can gain awareness with it.

3. ReCHeck project goal is to develop a system that can autonomously perform activities for handwriting enhancing, using a social robot and an iPad with apple pencil. The interaction between robot and child should is driven by the measurement of the child’s posture and writing analysis provided by the Dynamico app.

4. Visual Programming Language (VPL) 3 is a graphical interface where users drag and drop blocks to create their first program in 5 minutes. Executions can be performed in a simulated environment or in real world Thymio robots.

46 F & P Robotics Lio Care Robot Lio is a revolutionary care robot for the healthcare industry! Lio’s functions include navigation, communication, entertainment, delivering objects and much more in complex buildings such as hospitals.